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You are to find and choose a research article to review on gender and/or sexuality and social services, social work, human services, mental health, etc.  Then you are to read and critique the article, in a least 750 words and in APA, format on the following:

  1. Identify the theories of gender development that are either employed in the article or referred to in the article. Identify what research method was used. Describe how the article applies the theory or how the theory could be applied.
  2. Identify the rhetorical shaping of gender present in the article—the idea or image projected of women, men, trans persons, etc. in the article.  Support your response with evidence from the article.
  3. Critique what the article communicates—verbally and non-verbally—about gender and/or sexuality and social services, social work, human services, mental health, etc. from the perspective of the content, relationship, and symbolic level of meaning to you.  Is it problematic, monolithic, culturally competent, limited by population sample, etc. Use at least 3 different and specific examples to illustrate your points.
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