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Respond to at least two of your colleagues* on two different days and explain how the regulatory environment and the regulations selected by your colleague differ from your state/region.

Professional Nursing and State Regulations

Professional bodies are mainly set in place to help the constitution of the necessary regulation and procedures. In the nursing line, various measures are taken to institute good practice among the practitioners. The standard action is creating the APRN (Advanced Practice Registered Nurse) board of nursing regulations in various states. The nature of the nursing g profession allows each state to develop regulatory boards that help create rules for the APRNs. As a result, the creation of regulations may differ, despite aiming towards setting professional controls in line with the regulatory established Nurse Practice Act (NPA). APRNs are regulated through the Georgia State Board of Nursing in Georgia. The board is set up under the OCGA § 43-26 Nurse Practice Act and comprises 13 members the Governor appoints. The body is tasked with the general overview of the conduct of the nursing profession, including licensing, certification, qualification approvals, and handling disciplinary matters (Kaplan et al., 2021). In California, the Board of Registered Nursing (CBRN) oversees the operations of the nurses. Of the regulations governing the general practice of registered nurses in Georgia is the rule number 410, that a nurse must work under a physician supervisor (Ga. Comp. R. & Regs. R. 410-11-.13, 2022). The duo must cooperate in their activities under the “nurse protocol.” The physician issues the agreement as a commitment to be available for any consultation as needed by the NP (Neff et al., 2018). In California, on the other hand, a registered nurse can work independently without having to consult a physician supervisor closely as per Assembly Bill No. 890 (California Legislative Information, 2022). The nurses are given more room to exercise their knowledge, skills and experience in their duties.

Another contrasting regulation is in the mandate of APRNs concerning the issuance of medical procedures. Under the protocol agreement, an RN in Georgia must operate under a delegation from a supervising physician. Registered Nurses in Georgia have no authority to give patients prescriptions for level 2 medications (Ga. Comp. R. & Regs. R. 410-11-.13, 2022). The requirement thus limits their ability to conduct a primary diagnosis (Milstead, 2019). In California, upon qualification for registration, a registered nurse gets the full mandate to conduct essential diagnoses on patients, allowing them to examine, diagnose, request diagnostic tests, manage treatments, and prescribe all medications. In nursing, the level of care and responsibility is vital. Dealing with human conditions and ailments demands excessive compliance to set standards. In Georgia, the regulations are highly restrictive to an RN’s levels of personal engagement. Upon full academic qualification, the limitation of operating under a physician supervisor helps advance the knowledge levels and scopes of expertise through being an understudy to a physician (Kaplan et al., 2021). Despite the legal authority to practice within the full scope of their education and experience, APRNs in Georgia ought to abide by the set regulations. Even if they are legally authorized to exercise their full knowledge, the set laws require that they abide by the provisions.

Working under a supervising physician helps a nurse appreciate the need for consultation, supervision, and delegation as they seek to offer excellent services to patients. Regarding restrictions on the issuance of prescriptions, a registered nurse in Georgia benefits from the regulation since they are absolved from instances of misdiagnosis on more advanced prescriptions. The application helps in ensuring that they offer basic care, while restricting them from provision of more complex medications. In professional conduct, diagnosis and treatment are the primary responsibility of medical personnel. The code helps APRNs stick to their duties while perfecting their area of mandate and nurses are required to abide by all the set regulations. In meeting the requirements of these two provisions, a nurse needs to take into place all considerations. On the need for a supervising physician, a nurse can consider engaging a practitioner on a career long arrangement, where they will have a predetermined agreement to always have the protocol renewed when need be. By that, no new negotiations and arrangements will be needed. In the prescription requirement, an example of a way to deal with it is to ensure the RN always has their supervisors on reach to help them in making the restricted prescriptions. The arrangement would facilitate them in following up on their patients, with the intervention of the physicians.

Professions are guided and regulated by set rules and regulations. It is essential to understand clearly the set provisions in a person’s practice line. In the US, different states have different guidelines that may sometimes contradict each other. Registered Nurses ought to properly comprehend such discrepancies and develop an approach to practicing under the set guidelines.Respond to at least two of your colleagues* on two different days and explain how the regulatory environment and the regulations selected by your colleague differ from your state/region

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