Experimental Psychology The Stroop Experiment

Introduction: One page or less. What were we studying, and why? • Literature Review: Two pages. What is the background of the Stroop Effect? Create a hypothesis with one of the variables mentioned in the survey. This will guide your funnel through the literature review. Hypothesis: Directional (people who are bilingual will have faster/slower reaction […]

Aztec Codices

Guidelines for final papers Spring 2022   Your final paper should explore in depth one of the topics that we have studied in class and analyze one object or group of objects. It should be 10 pages long—not less or will be marked down. Honors students are to be 12-13 pages, and graduate student 14-15.  […]

Stategy case study mini report

Material DOWNLOAD ALL FILES 14327275 | Assignment Requirement.docx 14327276 | INTB844 – Assessment 1 – Case Analyses Guidelines Marking Rubric.docx 14327277 | INTB844 – Assignment 1 – Exemplar.pdf 14327279 | Allbirds_ Decarbonizing Fashion.pdf 14327282 | INTB844 Week 3 Part 2.pdf 14327283 | INTB844 Week 2 Pt 3.pdf 14327285 | INTB844 Week 3 Part 3.pdf 14327342 | Template.docx

Humanistic Approaches

Case of Justin Justin is a 20-year-old male, Euro-Canadian who lives with his parents. He decided to seek out counseling at a local mental health center at the assistance of his mother.   Justin was friendly, agreeable, and open with the counselor, although his affect was limited and he appeared to be tired. Justin reports that […]

Assignment 4: BioPsychoSocial Approach in Counselling

please be sure to follow all readings . please especially focus on adding outside sources and also readings material on these authors . I attached two files one for the actual assignment instructions and the other for the readings perry, L., & Sperry, J. (2020). Case conceptualization (2nd ed.). Routledge. http://search.ebscohost.com/login.aspx?direct=true&AuthType=ip,sso&db=nlebk&AN =2572771&site=eds-live&custid=s7439054 Chapter 1 (pp. […]

portfolio of drugs

    Table of Contents   NU670 Psychopharmacology and Health promotion Neurotransmitter Chart (Unit 2) Antipsychotics Chart (Unit 7) Antidepressants, Anxiolytics, & Mood Stabilizers Chart (Units 5, 6) Substance Use Resources (Chart links) (Units 11, 13, 14) Additional Resources List                               […]

SQL New Library Project

Page 1 of 3 CIS 255 Project: instructions and rubric Overview:  You’re going to be tasked with designing a relational database for a “new library” in town  It will include the following: o A proposal, o Business rules, o Attribute names and definitions, o An ERD (Entity-Relationship Diagram), o Should be implemented in […]

Psychodynamic theory

Description: This paper is a chance for you to take an in-depth look at a practice theory of interest to you that is commonly used in social work. In your paper you should describe the theory’s main principles and how the theory can be used to help in social work practice settings. Approach this as […]

HR Management Tools, Teams, And Committees

Select a health care organization of interest and assume you have just been hired as an HR manager for that health care organization. You decide to prepare for your first day on the job by creating a document that compiles tools to manage staffing, increase work production, and improve team dynamics. Complete the “HR Management […]

Business Process and System

For Assignment requirements, please refer to the “BUS6057 BPS Assignment 2022 (Kaplan HK).pdf” file Assignment key highlights: – The study object MUST be about “Aeon (Hong Kong)”, I copied a couple of Aeon links, please refer to “Aeon Site Info.docx” **MUST READ** file – For part 1, it is about 2,000 words – For part […]

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